Antonio Santos

Visual Artist


Hi! I’m Antonio.

Welcome to my website! I’m an artist–most prominently a tattoo artist in which I’ve been working on honing my craft for the past 14 years. I mostly specialize in black and grey realism including portraiture, classical art and scenic work. I also love to do color– from the more subtle all the way to the extreme vibrance of pop art. Additionally I enjoy floral work, and understanding the meanings of the flowers included in my client’s pieces.

I began practicing photography 7 years ago after obtaining my first professional camera, a Pentax K50. Working within the mediums of both digital and film, I enjoy working with both posed subjects and spontaneous unfiltered street photography. Being able to walk down the street and capture an unplanned organic moment is something I find extremely rewarding.

Lastly is my lifelong passion for painting. Working in the medium of paint was what first brought me into the world of the arts, and has allowed me to expand into different channels. Although I have continued to explore through tattooing and photography, painting is and will always be close to my heart, and will continue to be one of the most important vehicles I use to express myself. Although I have experimented in several styles and mediums of painting, I am continuously drawn back to classic oil on canvas to produce works of realism and portraits.

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